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Sector 42 – The Space Movie

Three girls on a routine space mining mission in Sector 42 encounter an unknown intelligence. What will it mean to the Corporation? What will it mean to humanity?

Our amateur movie project that began as an idea on January first is finally complete! It’s been five months of long nights in the basement but it was truly a terrifically fun experience and Ken and I had a great time doing it all with our daughters.

We hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

We also enjoyed writing about it, so if you’re interested in the making-of, you’ll find our stories here:

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Maddie’s Stop-Motion Animation Test

Maddie and I are proud to present her first stop-motion animation test! I have to say that it’s at least as good as my early basement projects.

Maddie captured the individual frames using her new video camera. I pulled the frames into Blender, adding titles and transitions. I also slowed the frame rate down to around 12fps before pulling it back up to 24fps.

Things we learned:

  • 24 is a lot of frames to make 1 second of video
  • Use a tripod!
  • Lighting is important, and the sun is a good light source

We hope you enjoy!